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close-up of the DASH 35 board.

From 1977 through 1984, all Bally pinballs used the same MPU board, the AS-2518-35, affectionately referred to as the "DASH 35" board. If someone forgot to change the soldered on battery on your board, it's leaked by now and there's no fixing it. The good news is that we stock brand new replacement boards; No trade-in necessary. This new computer board comes to you ready to plug in and play pinball! You just tell us the name of your game when you place your order and we'll take care of the configuration for you. Features:

AliGold BallPower Play
Baby Pac-ManGrand SlamQuicksilver
Big GameGranny & GatorsRapid Fire
Black JackHarlem GlobetrottersRolling Stones
Black PyramidHot Doggin'Seawitch
BMXHot HandSilverballmania
CatacombIron MaidenSix Million $ Man
CentaurKings of SteelSkateball
CheetahKISSSpace Invaders
Dolly PartonLectronamoSpectrum
DraculaLightningSplit Second
DragonfistLost WorldSpy Hunter
Eight BallMagicStar Gazer
Eight Ball DeluxeMata HariStars
ElektraMedusaStar Trek
EmbryonMemory LaneStingray
Evel KnievelMeteorStrikes & Spares
FathomMr. & Ms. Pac-ManSuperSonic
Fireball IIMysticTest Software
Fireball ClassicNight RiderTrident
Flash GordonNineballVector
Flight 2000Nitro GroundshakerViking
FreefallOrbitor 1Voltan
Future SpaPinballXenon
GalaxyPlayboyX's and O's

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