Instructions to play GALAXIAN
in your Pac-Man cabinet

The GALAXIAN game board plugs into a Pac-man or Ms. Pac-Man cabinet and looks and plays just like GALAGA, except that the FIRE button is on the joystick UP, as the Pac-Man control panel has no FIRE button.
You can do the following MODIFICATION to put the GALAXIAN board's FIRE button on the Pac-Man 2 player START button.

Both modifications are done in the circled portion of the board below.

Here is a close-up of the circled portion of the board:

First, count in six capacitors from either end of the row and put a jumper between them to tie the FIRE button (joystick UP in the Pac-Man wiring) to the START A TWO PLAYER GAME button.

The second issue is the sound outputs which do not line up with the Pac-Man speaker connections. You can either use a small speaker as shown in the example, or attach a length of speaker wire and go to a remote speaker. There is plenty of amplifier on the game board to drive any speaker. The volume control is just to the right of the DIP switch pack. Even the small speaker shown is quite loud and can be heard by the player standing in front of the cabinet.



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