FIXIT module for Bally & Stern pinball MPUs


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  • A small module which plugs in to the J5 pin header strip along the top edge of any Bally or Stern pinball Main Processor Unit circuit board.
  • Functions as the GAME ROMs, the 6810 Static RAM and the battery backed 5101 RAM for the main board so those sockets remain empty.
  • Onboard reset circuit to delay and drive the power-on-reset circuit of the main board. You can remove transistors Q1 & Q5 from your MPU; they are no longer required.
  • The GAMEROM contains all known Bally and Stern pinball machines. Choose your game with the dip switch.
  • It allows ANY game to play on ANY board, even play MPU-200 games on your dash 17 board.
  • If all the dip switches are turned OFF, it chooses the diagnostic program that was provided on TWOBITS BALLY / STERN TEST FIXTURE allowing you to troubleshoot MPU boards and use a good MPU to diagnose other problems in your cabinet.
  • Also order a switch matrix board and harness which, along with the TESTER module made up the original BALLY STERN TEST FIXTURE.


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