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“I can hear the game playing but the screen is black!” If you still have the original monitor in your coin-op video game, IT’S A MIRACLE!

They were built in a frenzy over thirty years ago in the hopes that they would last for just a year or two before they blew up: more than enough time for the operator to get his investment back. By this late date they all have dried out capacitors, burned picture tubes, bad linearity, fuzzy focus and washed out colors… If yours is dead, there’s no sense trying to get it working again. It’ll cost as much as buying a brand new one, and when was the last time you saw a 30 year old color TV set that still works? To make a long story short:


You can get a BRAND NEW replacement monitor for your upright or cocktail table Pac-man or Ms.Pac-man, Galaga, Centipede, StarGate, Defender or just about any other vintage video game. These are drop-in replacement, industrial strength, flat screen LCD monitors manufactured to modern standards and modified by us to match the existing wiring harness in your game. They mount to the existing cabinet brackets and plug right into the original harness.

Whether your game has a horizontally mounted or a vertically mounted screen, the monitors listed below will bolt to your original brackets and plug right into the wiring harness in your game.

Our monitors include everything you need to replace your dead picture tube, associated circuit boards and the metal chasis. Fits any upright or cocktail table cabinet. Simple installation you can do yourself in a few minutes.

The old CRT monitor weighed 50 LBS. The new monitor weighs less than 10 LBS. Easy to handle, easy to plug in!

Choose either UPRIGHT cabinet or COCKTAIL TABLE model so we include the correct mounting brackets.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 18 x 5 in

Upright, Cocktail


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